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Fill out the form below with accurate/current statistics and measurements.
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Do not lie about your statistics because the costumes department will be unable to accommodate for your sizes if you enter false information. Every shape and size is needed, so long as it's the truth!

If you take the time to fill out every measurement, you will be FIRST in line when being considered for a role.


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 delete it, no worries! There will be a link for you to update your profile at the bottom of every casting call we send you. You can also reach out to talent@kaast.app to receive a link to update your profile at any time.



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No nicknames - the exact same name must be used for every selfie submission.
No nicknames - the exact same name must be used for every selfie submission.
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Please only choose SAG/AFTRA if you are a current card carrying union member! Do not check SAG/AFTRA if you are eligible, only if you are a card carrying union member.
At the narrowest part of your waist, measure around your entire body.
Heels together measure around the largest part of your hips
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